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Hello all, thank you for visiting my blog. My name is Sophia I have been living in Thailand for almost 8 years now and working as an English teacher. I moved back to Thailand in 2003 from Alexandria, Virginia, USA to  spend some times with my family and to experience new things in Thailand. While I was living in The United States(for nearly 20 years) I had worked in many fields of jobs such as; banking,retailing,managing,and Information Technology.

 I graduated from Rappahannock Community College in 2000 and was major in Information Technology. I have received an A+certificate from Comp TIA (certificate that measures a PC technicians knowledge of the skills).  I have created a blog about Troubleshooting PC at http://englishvarieties.blogspot.com    

During my stay in Thailand I have also spent a lot of time on How to raise and care for Koi, Goldfish, and other types of tropical fish as one of my favorites hobby so,  if you are looking for information on how to keep and to care for your fish  you can also visit me at http://fishandtips.smileblogger.com